Who Am I

A Little of MY Backstory

Who Am I?


    Hello, My name is Alan R. Ward, aka: karshotz…

I grew up in N.Y. State and Vermont and later moving to Ohio.

As a kid growing up, I always wanted to be a photographer.

   Spent time shooting everything I could point the camera at.

After training with Master Photographer, Frank B. Robinson in Ohio at the age of 14 and 15, I knew I was going to be in photography for life. I loved it. 

   Everything from shooting to developing and printing. Did it all, and loved it.

Went to NYI, not knowing I was in the last year that they held classes, now it is all online schooling. I was blessed to be able to attend.

  I had some wonderful photographers to follow, Lewis Tulchin for one, was one of the instructors that I had. Wow, obviously a Hero in my book, from the young age of 15. Thought the world of that man. Learned so much from Lewis, Nude Photography and Glamour Photography. Posing, lighting and most of all, dealing with models.

   Through out my career, I knew I wanted to be self employed. No more working for another company, only shooting what I wanted to shoot and when I wanted to shoot it. It was a long journey and I am happy to finally to achieved  self employment.

The rest is history, see some of what I do on these pages and follow some of the links.  Thank You! 

I love making Books, Canvas Illustrations and Garage and Office Images that excite you…

     "With out all the Wonderful Cars and Car Builders, and Car Enthusiasts,  I would have nothing worth shooting!"

    I Thank You All For That!

* Best time to shoot any Ride is in the early evening or early morning.

       Let's get the timing right so your images look their very best. I will work with your schedule to best meet your needs. 

   *  Lets discuss your needs prior to the photo shoot so we get what you want.

    *  karshotz photography wants to get the images you will need to finish your project the way you visualize it.

     *  I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and your business

*   'Lets get busy on that one of a kind image that you've been wanting.'